One of the most important goals of Metamorphise is to create a Transformation at the Grass-root level. We want to reach out the amazingly talented future of this fortunate country. We will act as a support system, a catalyst to convert the dreams of our gen-X into realities.

We also want to support the educational institutions by providing highly relevant learning solutions so as to bridge the gap life at campus and beyond it.

We aim to create highly responsible citizens of this country who are driven by passion and excellence & directed by deep rooted moral values.

Offerings for the Gen-X:
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills & Etiquette
  • Personal Counseling
  • Goal Setting
Signature Offerings:
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Leading a life of Peace
  • Finding our Truth
  • Personal Counseling
  • Improving relationship with Parents
Psychometric Assessments:
  • Extended DISC – Advanced Assessor & Feedback Expert
  • People & Personality Styles – FITS
  • 4 C Factors of Behaviour
  • Communication Pattern Analysis
  • Behaviour Pattern Analysis
  • People & Performance Competency – 20
  • Learning Styles – VAK
  • Learning Styles – CARS
  • Learning Styles – PRSE
  • Multiple Intelligence