This is a high-impact workshop based on experiential design. The participants will go through an amazing journey of fun, amazement & a lot of learning through realisation. The session focuses to help the participants uncover their hidden potentials through some very powerful breakthrough activities. The session will be a mixture of psychology, basic laws of human performance & ancient wisdom.


This is a high impact communication, soft skills & office etiquette program. The participants will learn the basics of all the topics at not just physical but also at behavioural & emotional level. It’s a great program that enables people to learn, improve and see the immediate effects and benefits of effective communication within an organization as well as in their personal life. The participants understand that communication is not only verbal and hence they are exposed to the entire scope of communication.

The participants will learn the minute details about their etiquette and its effect on their personal & professional growth.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION & NEGOTIATION SKILLS - Winning Strategies for Building Customer Trust & Lasting Fruitful Relationships

This is a very practical program that will enhance the business development aspect of a professional. The program will directly address the minute nuances of the various facets in improving customer base, maintaining relationships & augmenting the sales with current customers.

The participants will also learn to manage customer expectations with regards to the functionalities & cost.


This is program is aimed at helping individuals at all levels in organizations or at any stage of their life to better manage their time for quicker success in life and career. It highlights the negative impact of wasting time and importance of efficiently managing time. The Program provides quick tips for Effective Time Management.

It also deals with Stress Management at a much more deeper levels. The participants will understand the importance of good lifestyle for consistent high-level performance in professional & personal level.


This is a high impact session that will create the most powerful & long-lasting form of motivation - Self Motivation. The program will cover the various under-lying aspects of motivation that will equip the participants to lead a purposeful life.

The participants will understand clearly about their goals! They will go through various activities designed to create a realisation and self-commitment to fulfil their aspirations at all levels.


The Emerging Leader is the program for the next line of leaders. It is a program that decides its own course just to ensure that all the demands of the participants are met. A lot of emphasis is on the attitudinal & behavioural attributes.

The participants will go through a mystical journey of self-discovery and the leadership style that suits them the most. Also they will learn to appreciate the shadow sides of their leadership styles & learn to negate its effects.


‘Problem Solving & Decision Making’ is a program focused at creating a realization among Participants about their current ways of approaching, understanding & dealing with situations. The will also understand the need for making decisions, how to make effective decisions and ensure its relevance in today’s world. The program not just include methods & information, but also the mindset & attitude required. The participants will benefit by the cutting edge teaching methodology, resources and case studies which are geared towards enabling them to implement effective and strategic Problem Solving & Decision Making for maximizing their individual performance as well as their organization’s performance.


Team building is a high energy program aimed at improving bonding & collaboration among the participants. The program makes the participants realise the importance of working in a team and thereby getting maximum results through fun & effortlessness. The end result - A group converted to a team!


This is a path-breaking workshop that intends to bring about an evolution in the participants at not just personal or professional, but also at spiritual level. The session is a mixture of modern concepts & ancient wisdom. The goal is to introduce the personal productive states to the participants. The participants will go through a beautiful journey of self-discovery, self-introspection, self-acceptance & finally self-evolution.